Welcome to the Parish Church of St Mary and St Bega which has been a centre of Christian worship for nearly nine hundred years. From 1120 to the Reformation in 1539 it was a Benedictine monastery for a prior and six monks, and until the 1800's it was the Mother Church for much of West Cumberland.

Today, St Bees Priory is the spiritual home of a working Christian family and we warmly invite you to:

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our building and grounds

Share in worship and Christian fellowship

Pray or meditate in our Lady Chapel

Explore our history and heritage

To all visitors and parishioners: ‘May you know God’s blessing in this place, now and always.’


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Our Interregnum is nearily finished.. On the 6th May, an advert for our new incumbent was published in the Church Times. For full details of this advert, including our Parish Profile, please click here. Interviews for our prospective new incumbent will take place on September 5th, with a start date tentatively set for December 2016 / January 2017.

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10th April 2016 10:30 Morning Worship - Children's Talk (0:00 to 5:09) by Maureen Barratt, Bible Reading (5:10 to 8:58) by Wendy Mellor from Acts 9:1-20, and Bible Reading (8:59 to 11:53) by Phill and Jess Bearman, and Sermon (11:54 to 26:14) by Jim Marshall from


27th March 2016 10:30 Easter Sunday Service - Bible Reading (0:00 to 0:54) from 1 Corinthians 15, 19-26 then Bible Reading (0:55 to 3:39) and Sermon (3:40 to 13:55) by Jim Baker from


20th March 2016 10:30 Palm Sunday Service - Bible Reading (0:00 to 15:43) and Sermon (15:44 to 27:10) by Jim Marshall from


13th March 2016 10:30 Passion Sunday Service - Bible Reading (Phillipians 3.3-14) by Rachel Walker (0:01 to 1:43), and Trevor Park's Sermon (1:44 to 19:07) from


6th March 2016 10:30 Mothering Day Service - Mum's Prayers (0:01 to 0:54), Children's Talk by Charm Robson (0:55 to 6:31), Children's Prayers (6:31 to 8:00), Bible Reading (8:01 to 9:32), Charm Robson's Sermon (9:32 to 16:47) then her Intercessions:



9:00 - Holy Communion

10:30 - Family-friendly Morning Worship or Holy Communion

18:00 - Evening Prayer (First Sunday of every month is Evensong; third Sunday is Holy Communion)

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Lady Chapel

This sacred part of our church has a Holy Communion service in it every Sunday at 9:00am to which you are warmly welcome to attend.

As well as being an active place for worship, our Lady Chapel is also a place for prayer and quiet reflection.

In our Lady Chapel, we remember lost children and St Bega, the young Irish saint our church and village are named after.



Sleeping Child Garden

Josefina de Vasconcellos, the noted Lakeland sculptress, donated the three sculptures found in the Sleeping Child Garden to the Priory. Her wish was they be placed in a garden dedicated to those who have suffered from the loss of a young life, before or after birth. This garden of remembrance was created and developed in accordance with her wishes.



New College Hall

Please come along to our Thursday pop-in from 10.30am to 12.00 for a chat or giggle accompanied by our freshly brewed tea or coffee and our homemade cakes and biscuits. Admission is £1.00 for a drink and biscuit or £1.50 for a drink and cake. Drinks are refilled free of charge. For a list of all the community events held in New College Hall, including hiring details, please click more.



Just Giving

We depend greatly on the generosity of people far and wide and are very grateful to all those who kindly donate both occasionally and regularly.

If you would like to support us in our efforts to keep the Priory in good condition, both as a place of worship and a historic building, please contact Geoff Burgess (PCC treasurer) on 01946 824416 or visit the Just Giving website.

Many thanks.