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Churchwardens are a vital part of our congregation. Contact details are at foot of page.

The role of a Churchwarden is extremely varied but generally involves management, maintenance, and ministry. The rights and responsibilities of a Churchwarden are laid down in Church Law, and, as with most roles within a parish, this is a voluntary (unpaid) position. 
Some things you perhaps did not know about Churchwardens:

  • The office of Churchwarden dates from the 13th Century, and is thus one of the earliest forms of recognized lay ministry.
  • They are legal guardians of all a church’s moveable goods, including keeping an accurate and up to date inventory of these items.
  • Most parishes have two, but we have four to spread the load of this historic building. Historically two Churchwardens would have been a People’s Warden and a Rector’s Warden.
  • They serve for a fixed term, usually between one to two years though can stand for re-election. They are elected by the congregation. Our churchwardens have served for many years, particularly John and Rosalie.
  • They should be someone the congregation respects as a leader who can take charge when required.
  • They should nourish and maintain their own Christian faith, and not let it become stale in the wake of logistical concerns about the church.
  • It is a most rewarding job.

Rosalie McAndrew

Wendy Mellor

Malcolm Lightfoot

Derek McGee

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