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Parochial Church Council

Parochial Church Council

The PCC meets once a month, for ten months of the year, usually on the first Monday of the month in New College Hall at 7:30 p.m. Guests are most welcome; however they will not be able to vote on motions.

What is the PCC?

The Parochial Church Council is the executive committee of the Parish of St Bees.

What Does the PCC do?

The PCC’s powers and duties are defined by certain Acts of Parliament and other legislation. The PCC is

  • responsible for the financial affairs of St Bees Church
  • the care and maintenance of its buildings, contents and churchyard
  • the formal employment of any paid workers
  • consulted about major changes to forms of worship, pastoral matters affecting the parish and the appointment of a new incumbent
  • may make representations to the Bishop on matters affecting welfare of the parish (excluding the doctrine of the Church of England)
How Does it Fulfil All of This?

Some work is delegated to various sub-committees such as Worship, Building & Works, Social and Commercial. Anyone interested can be co-opted. Each subcommittee reports to the PCC seeking approval before major decisions are taken.

Who Sits on the PCC?
  • Membership consists of the Vicar and churchwardens
  • Lay representatives democratically elected at the annual parochial church meeting (the APCM) – normally membership is on a 3 year cycle
  • Two elected members of the Deanery Synod (ex-officio members)
Current Members

Reverends Anne and Jim Baker
Philip Barratt
Phillip Bearman
Frank Bowler
Steve Bridgman
Sue Davidson
Grant Gilmour
John Haile
John Kennedy
Reverend Jim Marshall
Jack Hale
Malcolm Lightfoot

Rosalie McAndrew
Derek McGee
Wendy Mellor
Reverend Trevor Park
Chris Robson
Anne Ross
Claire Summers
Deb Lee
Jon Mellor (Secretary)
Andrew Oldham (Treasurer)

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