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Current Burial Area

Current Burial Area

Current burial area – re-opened early Victorian cemetery

(NB This grid is indicative only – the exact layout of future graves has yet to be determined).

Please note that this records information only to November 2019. See BGMS for up to date information.

This area has not been used for over 100 years. As the space available in the previous current are – the south west corner, the options were to either close the graveyard to further burials or re-use an older part (as is permitted). We chose the latter as the alternative would not have been acceptable to the community. 

This area had been cleared of gravestones in 1971, after the appropriate announcements had been made and permissions obtained. This was partly due to many of the stones being unsafe but also because it was extremely difficult to maintain the area.

New burials commenced in 2011.

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