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Late Victorian Graveyard

Late Victorian Area

Although this is referred to as the late Victorian area, this is more convenience than fact. Edwardian area would be more accurate (or inaccurate).
Also, this area is shown as extending as far as Z5. This again is for convenience as this row is alongside an obvious bounding feature in the graveyard.
According to historical records however, the original early Victorian area included the rows as far as Q.

This whole area is particularly difficult to depict with a grid as there are many unmarked graves, and many of those that are there, despite the appearance
below are not in clear cut rows and columns. It is sometimes diffcult to determine which row a grave belongs in as it appears in the graveyard
to be between two rows! This grid therefore is only intended to give an approximate indication as to the location of the grave relative to others.

(NS= No gravestone)

Recording work is ongoing but note that this page records information only to November 2019. See BGMS for most recent information.

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