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Old College Hall & Early Victorian Graveyards

Earliest Areas

The gravestones in this area were removed in the early 1970s, partly because of the difficulty in maintaining the ground but manly for safety reasons. Attempt tot contact the relatives of those buried in this area did not have any success. We therefore had no option but to go ahead with the work.

The pupils at St Bees School recorded all the names and memorials on the gravestones before they were moved. Unfortunately, no record of the location was made. The stones can now been found alongside the cottages to the north and along the west side of the embankment separating the two Victorian areas.

Adjacent to Old College Hall, the original Chancel of the church are a number of very early burials, the earliest being 1770.

Please note that this records information only to November 2019. See BGMS for up to date information.

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