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St Bees Priory Grounds

Priory Burial Areas

For more up to date information, please see – www.bega.org.uk – but note that this site is no longer updated.

The church is obliged both legally and morally to have a graveyard plan showing details of burials. In addition, we are often asked both by relatives and genealogists where individual graves can be found. This data is currently being transferred from the “Bega” dedicated site to the Burial Grounds Management System (BGMS) developed by Atlantic Geomatics.  The Bega site will be closed in due course but the data it contained has been placed and will be retained on this site. It will however not be updated further (November 2019). Only the BGMS site will contain current data.

The adjacent menu gives access to Bega data up until November 2019. There are areas dedicated to Cremations, Burials, Gravestones, Church Memorials, War Memorials and Data Area. The first four are primarily photo or graphical areas showing gravestones and locations. The Data Area details all the information we hold about individual burials. As we do not have any information other than this, we regret that requests for additional information would need to be referred to the local Records Office which holds all past church records. The BGMS site will contain the same information with photos of relevant memorials. Please note that although we have some 7,000 + burial records there are less than 1,000 memorials. There is no memorial stone pre 1750, and only a handful of ones pre ~1850.

Older records do of course exist but these are lodged with the Records Office in Whitehaven. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions on these pages, please address any enquiries to the Records Office. The Priory has no records other than those you can find on these pages (and in respect of more recent burials on the BGMS site) and therefore is unable to provide you with any more genealogical information.

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