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Vicarage Community Walled Garden Diary

The vicarage has a large walled garden which we are hoping to turn into a community space where local groups will work alongside each other to grow food for ourselves and local food banks. Work has been ongoing to clear the garden (or jungle as it might be more accurately described) so that fruit and flowers can be planted. See below for the dates of our next big digs and come and join us!

If you have suitable garden tools then please bring them along and wear protective clothing! Scroll down and have a look at the amazing progress made so far by our dedicated team of helpers. 

Dates for our next big digs are:

 Saturday 7th September 10am until 1pm. Please come along when we will be digging, planting and creating new raised beds from roofing tile pallets! Scroll down and have a look at the pallets we are going to recycle.

Diary of clearing the vicarage garden

November 2018 - Starting to clear 'the jungle'

March 19 - work continues to clear the garden

May 2019- meanwhile at the other end of the garden - another jungle!

May 2019 - removing the weeds and starting to plant!

June 2019 - more weed removal

July 2019 - gardeners of all ages clearing yet more space for planting!

The planting continues ....

But there are still more weeds to clear!

August 2019

The Mammoth task of weeding continues ...

But so does the planting ....

Roofing Tile pallets can be recycled!

into new raised beds for planting - watch this space!

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